We've never been afraid of challenging the status quo. It's what we've been doing for more than 20 years, from the time we first introduced multichannel television to British homes. Ever since then we've kept moving forward, setting the pace of change right across the TV industry.

From leading the switchover from analogue to digital right through to the high definition revolution, we've transformed the TV experience for millions of customers. And with innovations like Sky+, we've helped people to take control and define their own TV experiences - watching what they want, when they want. Today, as we prepare to bring 3D TV to residential customers for the first time, we're ready to push the boundaries even further.

Continuous innovation is a key part of what we stand for. Customers choose Sky because they trust us to make technology simple and to help them get the most out of their subscription.

From HD to 3D

Cameraman at a live event

The growth of high definition has been one of the defining trends in television of recent years. While some in the broadcasting industry were sceptical about the prospects for HD, Sky made an early commitment to the technology, investing around £500 million so far to build Europe's leading HD service.

The response from customers has been very strong. HD is our fastest-selling new TV product ever, far outstripping demand for Sky+ in its early years. From a standing start four years ago, almost a third of our customers already choose to pay a premium for the superior quality of our HD package.

As other platforms look to develop their own HD offerings, we're ready to push on yet again. While continuing to expand our line-up of HD channels, we're leading the world in the development of 3D TV.

Our live 3D broadcast of the Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester United in January 2010 was the first event of its kind anywhere.

Sky followed that with another world first, launching a 3D channel as a commercial service, with more than 1,000 pubs and clubs across the country already signed up. Feedback has been very positive from customers and viewers alike and we're now focused on launching Sky 3D to residential customers in October.

Imagine the spectacle of sports coverage that makes you feel like you're in the best seat in the stadium, or documentaries and movies that draw you right into the heart of the action. With our plans for Sky 3D, we're making this a reality for our customers. The first original 3D commission for the channel is Flying Monsters, a feature documentary about the prehistoric world presented by Sir David Attenborough. Movies in 3D will include Alice in Wonderland, Ice Age - The Meltdown, Monsters vs Aliens and Bolt, with more entertainment and arts programmes to follow.

We're confident that 3D has an exciting future and we want to use our leadership position to encourage the whole industry to embrace the new technology. In February, we held a special event at BAFTA to introduce 3D and outline the opportunities for content creators. We're also working with industry bodies to provide training for directors and producers who want to understand the creative potential of 3D.

A platform for innovation

terabyte BoxThe good news for customers is that they won't need a new box to experience the benefits of 3D. Because all of our existing Sky+HD boxes are 3D-ready, customers who subscribe to our HD pack of channels will be able to receive Sky 3D if they upgrade to a 3D TV screen.

Living up to its promise as a platform for innovation, the Sky+HD box will also provide access to our new video-on-demand service, Anytime+, thanks to its built-in broadband connectivity. Launching later this year, Anytime+ will offer thousands of hours of entertainment, documentaries, movies, comedy, drama and the arts - all available to download direct to the Sky+HD box for viewing on-demand.

Beyond the living room

Computers and an Xbox

Long gone are the days when TV was confined to a specific time and place. Nowadays, customers live in a more flexible, mobile world. They want to enjoy content in ways that fit in with their lives - watching what they want whenever and wherever it suits them.

As customers' expectations evolve, so do we. With Sky+, we gave audiences a way to record an entire series at the touch of a button and watch it any time they wanted. Now we've introduced a whole new range of services that put customers in even more control of how they access their entertainment.

Sky Player is a good example of how we're helping customers enjoy Sky on their own terms. It's an online TV service that allows customers to watch Sky on a wide range of internet-enabled devices, such as a PC, laptop or even an Xbox 360. This year, following deals with Humax, Fetch TV, 3View and Cello, Sky Player will also be available on a range of IP-enabled Freeview boxes and internet-connected TVs.

We're also one of the first UK broadcasters to embrace the potential of Apple's iPad device. The new Sky Mobile TV app for iPad allows customers to watch all Sky Sports channels live on the move, as well as catching up with breaking news on Sky News. Its launch follows the success of our existing apps for the iPhone, which have been downloaded more than five million times over the last year.


HD channels by the end of December 2010

  • Presenters in the studio
  • Sir David Attenborough holding a fossil
  • Hand holding an iPhone


Sky Sports News is set to become the fifth Sky Sports channel available in HD.


Sir David Attenborough's Flying Monsters is our first original commission for the new Sky 3D channel.


We're making it easy for customers to enjoy our content on their own terms. You can now watch Sky channels on a range of devices including PC, iPad, iPhone and Xbox.