Sky was founded on the belief that people wanted more. To be treated not as passive viewers, but as customers who wanted to take control of their home entertainment experience.

Today, with more than 500 channels on the Sky platform covering a wide variety of genres, audiences have never had more choice. But it's not just about more, it's about better. We focus on providing distinctive programmes to satisfy the tastes and interests of each individual and each family.

And now, with the continued growth of our broadband and home phone services, choice is something that extends far beyond our TV screens.

Creating better choice for customers is at the heart of what we do at Sky. Of course, we never forget that Sky is itself a choice. That's why we'll keep working to earn the loyalty of our existing customers, and find new ways to reach out to even more customers over time.

Putting customers first

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We believe that bringing more and better choice to people is fundamentally a good thing. By continually increasing the quality and variety of our offering, we can appeal to a broader range of interests. And choice creates competition, which helps drive up quality and standards for all.

We want to provide content that people really care about, and to make it easy for them to find. We want to be sure customers can access entertainment on their terms, wherever and whenever it suits them. And, at a time when people are making tough decisions about their spending, we want to offer great value.

Customers are responding in greater numbers than ever, with more than one in three families in the UK and Ireland choosing to subscribe to Sky. We now have a total customer base of 9.9 million and we are on track for our target of 10 million customers by the end of December 2010.

Bringing high definition to everyone

One of the ways we are broadening our appeal is by continually improving the TV experience. In particular, that means bringing the stunning picture and sound quality of high definition (HD) television to more and more people.

We have seen a huge response to our decision to make HD even more accessible, which means that customers can now receive a free Sky+HD box when they subscribe to our HD pack of channels for the first time. Over the year, the number of HD customers more than doubled to 2.9 million, including 429,000 new customers in the final quarter alone.

This year, we've continued to expand our line-up of HD channels, extending choice for customers and building even more value into the monthly subscription. Among the new channels to have launched have been HD versions of Sky News, ITV1, E4, Syfy, Sky Sports 4, Sky Movies Indie and Hallmark Channel.

This means that we now offer a total of 42 HD channels - the UK's widest choice of HD services - and we expect to reach the milestone of 50 channels by the end of December 2010. So, as HD becomes seen increasingly as the new standard for TV, we are well placed to benefit.

Value, reliability, simplicity

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Sky is now about much more than TV. As the worlds of entertainment and communications come together, the internet has become a vital gateway to the content that customers love. In addition to offering our own content online, we're connecting millions of our customers through our Sky Broadband service and helping them to save money at the same time, particularly when they also choose Sky Talk.

This year, we relaunched our broadband products to highlight the value, reliability and simplicity that we offer. Customers can now enjoy a package of calls and genuinely unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 20Mb for £7.50 a month. For those interested in more moderate internet use, we also offer a free up to 20Mb broadband and calls service, with a monthly usage allowance of 2GB.

The success of our new products has helped maintain the rapid growth experienced since our entry into the home communications sector four years ago. One in five of our customers now choose Sky for broadband and home phone services as well as for TV, an increase of 36% since last year.

There remains a lot of potential for continued growth. Around half of UK households have yet to choose a pay TV service and most of our customers have yet to experience the quality and value available from our broadband and phone services. By focusing hard on customers' needs, we will keep moving forwards towards our goal of being first choice for entertainment and communications.


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Sky Talk voted 'Best overall customer satisfaction' in uSwitch awards for third year running

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Getting closer

Our business depends on our customers, so we work hard to meet their needs. Because we know customers can get frustrated when transferred from department to department, this year we created the Customer Hub, a new team of multi-skilled advisors who are trained and empowered to answer 80% of enquiries including billing advice and technical help. Thanks to this initiative, and others like it, we've been simplifying the way we help customers and making sure that more queries are resolved with one call.

Convenient and flexible

We want our installation teams to provide as convenient and flexible a service as possible. This includes offering slots for home visits first thing in the morning or in the evening, and providing an accurate estimate of our arrival time by phone, text or email.

Improving accessibility

We want everyone to get the best from Sky, so we've developed services that improve access for people with disabilities. For example, we were the first UK broadcaster to launch an audio description (AD) service, which provides seeing-impaired people with an additional commentary describing the on-screen action. Last year, we provided more than 34,000 hours of AD content across our channels.