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Download the full Annual Review 2010 3.7mb
Chairman's statement 461kb
Chief Executive's statement 567kb
What Sky is all about 2.4mb
Review of the year 582kb
Our performance 467kb
Board of Directors 509kb
Summary Directors' report 453kb
Summary report on Directors' remuneration 642kb
Summary financial statement 493kb
Independent Auditors' statement 449kb
Shareholder information 467kb
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Download the full Annual Report 2010 1.6mb
Chairman's statement 43kb
Business review 280kb
Financial review 63kb
Board of Directors 65kb
Corporate governance report 82kb
Report on Directors' remuneration 93kb
Statement of Directors' responsibility 30kb
Independent Auditors' report 30kb
Consolidated financial statements 239kb
Group financial record 44kb
Non-GAAP measures 30kb
Shareholder information 42kb
Glossary of terms 65kb

Shareholder information

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